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Our Journey


Kempsville Academy, Inc.  /a Barefoot Kids, established in 1993, is a nondenominational Christian day school that is licensed by the Commonwealth of Virginia Department of Social Services. Although many children attend Barefoot Kids, we believe in small classes with quality standards. Barefoot Kids is open to all children from infancy to 12 years old, regardless of race, nationality or creed, who may benefit from our type of program.




Barefoot Kids exists to form a partnership with families, to provide an environment in which children will develop Christian character, self-esteem, and readiness for school and other life experiences through developmentally appropriate activities and biblical foundations to equip them to impact the world for Christ.



The vision of Barefoot Kids is to develop leaders who stand firm in biblical and academic foundations and are equipped to impact the world for Christ.



Train a child in the way he should go; and when he is old, he will not turn from it. 

Proverbs 22:6

God has given parents and teachers the awesome responsibility of nurturing the children He has placed in our care. When parents must work, now more than ever, it is essential that children be cared for in a Christian environment by dedicated teachers. Therefore, we exist to form a partnership with parents to provide an environment in which children can develop wholesome self-images. 


We believe that as children explore, question, listen, build, paint, play and sing. they develop readiness for school and other life experiences. 


We believe that the quality of these early experiences will have a profound influence on each child. We want each child to realize his/her full potential while developing Christian character and high self-esteem in a positive learning environment. 


We believe that by recognizing and supporting each child’s individual talents and interests, we can instill a life long love of learning. 


We believe that the Bible is the basis of wisdom, and we will endeavor to teach Biblical truths by example and through Bible stories and character studies without any specific doctrinal bias.




Our program goals are designed to enable children to develop spiritually, academically, physically, intellectually, socially, emotionally and creatively.

We want children to:

  • Grow in faith and develop a positive self-worth: We want children to learn to love God and to know that God loves them. We believe that this is the best way to teach children to view themselves as successful, likable, competent individuals.

  • Grow in independence: To learn to make decisions and choices, to do things for themselves and to begin to view themselves as individuals.

  • Develop self-control and self-discipline: To become self-disciplined, self-guided, self-directed and to develop a sound basis for appropriate behavior. Manners such as “please” and “thank you,” “Yes, sir” and “No, sir," and prayer before each meal will be stressed. Your child will be taught to share and to respect the rights of others.

  • Gain control of and begin to understand their own bodies: Including self-care skills, health practices, nutrition, hygiene, and fine and gross motor skill development.

  • Understand and control the physical world: By encouraging curiosity, thinking, understanding cause and effect, reasoning, problem-solving, and gathering and using information.

  • Develop both oral and written language and the use of symbols: Children who have a wide variety of experiences with language and good adult language partners develop a richer vocabulary, more expressive language, and a greater skill in communication.  Other forms of symbolic representation such as signs, pictures, written language and mathematical symbols will be taught.


AdvancED (SACS) Accredited

Barefoot Kids is fully accredited and has passed the rigorous accreditation requirements of AdvancED: Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS). AdvancEd is a non-governmental, voluntary organization that accredits public and private schools and districts both locally and globally.  


This organization accredits a range of schools including but not limited to: early childhood, elementary, middle, secondary, and postsecondary schools. AdvancEd is the world’s largest education community, representing over 27,000 public and private schools and districts across the United States and 69 countries worldwide serving nearly 15 million students and is dedicated to advancing excellence in education worldwide.


Lynnhaven River Now Pearl School

Barefoot Kids has the privilege of receiving the Lynnhaven River Now Pearl School Award. Through this award program, schools are able to earn points by carrying out programs and service projects in and through the school that teach environmental concepts and include an emphasis on the Lynnhaven watershed, its unique characteristics and problems.


Our students have taken an active role by growing Spartina grasses in the kindergarten classroom and planting them on the shores of the Lynnhaven River. Our students have also planted and maintained sensory and vegetable gardens on the school premises. Recycling and conservation are also emphasized in our curriculum.

Lynnhaven River Now Pearl School
AdvancEd Accredited
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